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What Is Cascade Camping 

Cascade Camping was founded in 2023 by a team of passionate entrepreneurs who wanted to make camping accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Our team is dedicated to giving our customers quick and easy packages so they don't have to worry about traveling for different camping products. We offer various bundles to ensure you have an amazing camping experience. You'll always have the peace of mind knowing that all your camping needs are taken care of with Cascade Camping.

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Our Team


Steven Figueroa 


Our COO  Steven Figueroa always brings his bright, outgoing personality into the office everyday creating a warm atmosphere. He´s the glue to our mini family at Cascade Camping and we dont know what we would do without him !

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Our wonderful CEO Matthew Monge is always there to lend a helpful hand and give advice when your in need. No matter the task, he tackles it head on with positivity and a smile. He´s always there to save the day and keeps the company afloat with his optimism.


Mark Torres


We´re so lucky to have our intelligant CFO Mark Torres on our team. He´s the glue of the company and keeps everything up and running so things go smoothly. Its thanks to his smarts that our company is able to be organized and prepared. 

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